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Above the Clouds: 5 Principles to Create a Balanced & Meaningful Life | ebook by Leila Atbi

Do you feel weighed down by your many responsibilities and losing yourself in the process?

Are you doing your best but still feeling stuck and unhappy?

Are you still running after your dreams and not reaching them?

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, or even lost?

Is anxiety overriding your life?

 I Am Here To Help You Release What’s Holding You Back So You Can Live The Life You Are Meant For,  Full Of

Joy, Purpose and Meaning

Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

Hi, I’m Leila.

Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner


The moment I found clarity and purpose, I decided to make it my life mission: to help you become the best you can be and ultimately help you create a more meaningful and joyful life.

If I can do it, you can too.

I was helped and coached, because no one has to do it alone.
I am here for you to guide you step by step so you too can live the life you deserve to live, a life where joy, growth and fulfillment make each present moment worthwhile and the future, a bright direction you will look at, confidently.

✓ Get clarity and determination.
✓ Gain back joy, inner peace and focus.
✓ Build a clear, balanced and fulfilling life
✓  Release and resolve deep-rooted fears and blockages
✓  Restore your confidence and focus
✓  Live a joyful, purposeful and meaningful life

How does it work?

In our life coaching sessions, we’ll be using proven and tested tools and techniques, which represent the essence of the latest studies in Neural and Behavioral Science, Hypnotherapy, and powerful Energy Healing.

These cutting-edge interventions are designed to provide you with lasting desired results that will take your personal as well as career performance to a whole new level.

I will help you get rid of what’s holding you back, overcome your challenges, create change and become anything you could possibly imagine in as short as minutes.

Yes, in minutes.

Where do I start?

It’s simple.
Start with a free discovery session, so we can decide if this is the right path for you.

Book a discovery call with Leila Atbi | NLP Coach in Abu Dhabi

1. Book your free discovery session

It’s a 30 minute free online session where we will get to understand your needs and desires and get clarity on where you are and where you want to be.

Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

2. We create your action plan

If we are a good fit we will create a customized action plan. You will get access to educational material that will act as the foundation to the one-on-one coaching sessions.
Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

3. Our one-on-one sessions

We will meet for a number of sessions as decided in your action plan. Sessions can be held either through zoom or in person, or a mix and match of both, as convenient for you.

What Clients Say

"The burden of negativity has fallen off my shoulders"

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is my new picture. After just two meetings with you, here I am back in the driver’s seat with a control over my life. My challenging life environment has not vanished, but I take it differently now. I have gained back my confidence, peace and most importantly dreams. I was so consumed by my own negative emotions that for the last couple of years I have not had any dreams (aspirations). Now my mind …

"I wish I met you long time back"

Leila, I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s discussion. You made me feel thankful for what I have and how to deal and tolerate our selves with. You are amazing calm person that gave me hope to start my real mission. Btw you are the first one here who gave me the feeling that not everything is for business as other people does and there is hope to meet humans again in life. Thank you again for your support and advice️. I feel you were right and straight to the point from the beginning.

I wish i met you long time back.

Y.S, Jan.2019

“Life coaching. Two words that helped me through my tough times."

With Coach Leila, I have learned how to organize my time, and no matter what, to not stress myself and look at life in a positive way. I have learned to find time to do what I missed most, from my hobbies to doing simple family activities. I also had some kind of  memory loss where I would forget what homework I have, assignments and tests for the week if not written down, but I got over that by the simple example given to me by Coach Leila and that has helped me set my thoughts in a better way. Thank you for making me look into my life in a new way.”

Aisha Ziad Shaat, June2016

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