Better Together

Better Together - Group Coaching Retreats for Adults

Are you experiencing ups and downs in your life, self-doubt, stress or anger bursts?

Or maybe you are lacking confidence while it comes to taking decisions or in any other life situation?

Are you feeling stuck, sad or even depressed?

Do you have the courage to say No or are you allowing others to take advantage of you? 

Are you facing difficulties in achieving your goals?


If you said yes to at least one of the above questions, then how would you like to know your true potential, to take your life to the next level, to become the leader of your own life and to overcome all your fears and limitations, through real and exciting life experiences?

Does this sound like you? Then our BETTER TOGETHER Weekend Retreat is for you!


BETTER TOGETHER is a unique transformational opportunity for you to bring about the changes you are looking for, in a short period of time and while in a group setting.

These group coaching retreats are tailored to the needs of the participants* and are a blend of interactive and engaging experiential activities, debates, reflection, inner discovery and leadership. The experiential aspect of our trainings tests and improves your life skills and is proven to create life-changing and lasting results.

In this special program, participants

  • discover their true potential and their inner power,
  • learn critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem and powerful self-confidence;
  • overcome challenges such as fear, disappointment, and change;
  • learn how to create a vision for their lives and get equipped with the best tools to achieve their personal and career goals.

The Benefits

The benefits that can be reaped from life coaching retreats are far-reaching and contribute to better and more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Below are some of the benefits that participants will gain through attending our retreats:

– Deep understanding of the mind; self-mastery; life purpose; values and responsibility.

– Ability to differentiate between urgent and important life matters.

– Effective time and self management.

– Effective setting of goals and priorities.

– Building and Developing life changing leadership skills and teamwork abilities.

– Enhanced creativity, social skills and coordination.

– Focus on excellence and how to embrace it as a lifestyle.

– Increased self-confidence and soaring self-esteem.

– Unlock hidden potential and capabilities.

Our approach seamlessly integrates NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy and powerful energy healing methods and techniques to deliver impactful coaching experiences.

* The participants are interviewed individually beforehand

Ready to get started?

If you are eager to acquire this knowledge and learn important life skills that will transform your life,  book your individual interview. Please note that participants are carefully selected and not all interviewees will be allowed to participate.