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When we get entangled in our daily life’s challenges, worries, problems, pains or even projects, we tend to not see the big picture.

We tend to forget who we truly are, our capabilities, our genius, our potentiality, the endless possibilities available to us, yet blurred by our inner state of being.

Our vision of the world and reality seem constricted and it takes someone else’s guidance, someone outside of the picture’s frame, to get us out of it, to show us the way, remind us of our truth, and help us unlock our inner strength.

This is the role of the Life Coach. This is what I do.

What are you struggling with?

Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt out? 

Do you feel that you are not doing enough or being enough? 

→ I can help you overcome those feelings and the beliefs that are holding you back.

Are you doing a lot and not feeling happy? are you feeling unsatisfied? unfulfilled?

→ I can help you get to know your true self, define your priorities, create a clear vision of your goals, create significant changes, establish a balanced fulfilling life and meaningful relationships.

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I can help you create the life that you have always wanted for yourself.

Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

So here is my promise to you ...

I am fully committed to your transformation. I will help you get rid of what’s holding you back, overcome your challenges, create the necessary changes and become anything you could possibly imagine to become in a time as short as a few hours. Yes, in few hours. 

It may sound impossible, but only to someone uneducated about this field. 

I can help you get whatever you have been looking for and even more than what you could possibly imagine for yourself. You just need to share with me your main motives and we will get your transformational journey started. 

More about me→

I get you.

Whatever the situation or the circumstances you are in today, however you are feeling today, these results didn’t happen out of thin air, just now.

They have been minutely created by a behavior, a long chain of actions, decisions, choices you have made over the past days, weeks, months, and even years. And you made those choices, actions, decisions based on how you felt in all those instances, based on your many emotional states in those moments.

Here’s the secret: your state is always dictated by your conditioning.

You may wonder.. What is my conditioning?

It’s all that you believe about yourself, about who you are, what you are capable of, or not, what is right or wrong,..it’s your belief system, your book of rules, your programming.

All that has been imprinted in your mind, from the moment your mind, body and soul were created, from your very first cell, up until now.

That’s a long journey of piling up statements about yourself and everything and everyone around you.

The beliefs have been there for a reason: to protect you.

They have certainly served you well and will continue to do so, until the moment they become irrelevant.

They will then start limiting you and hindering your progress.

Hence the feeling of being stuck, lost, or even depressed.

Mind you, many of these beliefs are supporting, positive beliefs.

These are there to stay.

But the limiting, “negative” ones, those are the ones we can learn from and transform once and for all.

We now have the tools and techniques to do that in just a few minutes.

Yes, you read well, just a few minutes.

There is an important condition though: 

It only works if you are truly ready to let go of these limitations,

only if you are profoundly ready to become all that you are,



What to do next

If the above resonates with you take action now:  


Step 1: Schedule your free Discovery Session

Take the first step right now and schedule time for your free Discovery Session. It’s a 30-minute free online video call where you will get my undivided attention and focus.

Step 2:

In our discovery session, we will get to understand your needs and desires, and get clarity on where you are at in your life and where you would rather be. You will get a clear understanding of what coaching is and how it can help you. This will also help us decide if we are a perfect fit.

Step 3:

If we are a perfect fit, we will create a customized coaching program for you.

You will definitely get great value from this first call and if time permits, you can even get the healing or direction you were looking for in your very first session!

This isn't for everybody.

Yet, it’s important for you to know upfront: my coaching practice isn’t for everyone. 

It isn’t for you if: 

  • you expect me to do it for you, 
  • you aren’t ready to change, 
  • you don’t want to invest in yourself and learn, 
  • you aren’t prepared to apply yourself in the coaching process 
  • you aren’t ready to be fully committed during your coaching sessions. 

I can’t heal you or get you your desired results on my own. So if you’re not ready to apply yourself during and in between our coaching sessions and take full ownership of your transformational journey, then no need to read further: I am not the coach you are looking for. 

But…If you are none of the above, I will be very happy to coach you. 

Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi
Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

Here is what I can help you with:

  • heal your mind and body 
  • overcome anything that has ever happened in your past
  • release any emotional burdens like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, traumas, and phobias
  • resolve any internal conflicts you might have, any self esteem issues, any weight issues, any relationships issues
  • help you become confident and change any limiting belief into a supportive one
  • get clarity about who you are now and who you want to become in the future
  • overcome your personal, professional and business growth barriers
  • I can help you exchange the life you have now for the life you would rather have


How it works:

  • We will first meet in a Discovery session. It’s a 30 minute free online session where you will get my undivided attention and focus.

  • We will get to understand your needs and desires, and get clarity on where you are and where you want to be.

  • You will get a clear understanding of what coaching is and how it can help you. This will help both me and you decide if we are a perfect fit. If we do, we will create a customized action plan. 

  • As soon as you decide to start your transformational journey, you will get access to educational material that will act as the foundation to the one-on-one coaching sessions. 

  • Sessions can be held either through zoom or in person, or a mix and match of both, as convenient for you. 
    Leila Atbi | NLP Coaching | Life Coach | Hypnotist | Strategist | Abu Dhabi

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