Love Your Life Over and Over Again | NLP Coaching | Leila Atbi | Abu Dhabi

When we reconnect with our true nature and innate skills, life and happiness become inseparable.

Have you ever watched a child playing? They are so joyful yet focused and completely oblivious of time. They are in a blissful state, knowing already what they want and fully invested in it.

How did we forget how to do that along the road to becoming adults? Where did we loose that precious, innate skill of loving our life, one moment at a time, over and over again?

Three key elements are salient in this observation. The first is, children are truly and totally oblivious of time. Time is a concept they will comprehend only later in life, or at least they think they do. The second is, they know what they want, and lastly, they are totally present and invested in each moment.

*Time and Presence

I believe that time and presence are like darkness and light. They don’t coexist. Presence is innate and blissful while time is man-made and the source of stress and worry.

Look around, and notice, did you ever see any other living thing being late, or complaining about an event in the past or worried about what might happen in the future? It just never happens. They all live one moment at a time, in a timeless presence, except us, human beings. We invented time and are since then running after it, worrying, stressing, in an endless quest to control an illusion. We owe it to ourselves to remember and develop the skill to bring our awareness into every moment of our daily life and to live each experience as if it was the first, being curious and fully focused, like we used to be, in childhood.

*Knowing what we want

Knowing is much deeper than believing. Knowing means it is already alive in our imagination, clear to each of our senses. We were born with this ability to know clearly what we want, until one day, we just started feeling confused and unclear about almost everything. It happened the day we discovered comparison, another of our human inventions, and more precisely of our ego, but this is another topic altogether.

Knowing what we want is knowing where we are heading, a clear destination into which we will invest our skills, our presence and our love. A destination toward which we will grow, learn and discover a little bit more about who we truly are, and that is happiness.

Leila Atbi

Personal Growth Coach